Atomic B2 Regulator

Atomic B2 Regulator, top end features without the price tag. The B2 regulator follows the same design principles as the T3; be the best regulator possible with regards to performance and reliability. The main difference between the B2 and T3 is simply that it is made from brass rather than titanium, yet it is only 255g heavier. The B2 First Stage features 2 high pressure ports, ideal for users of wirelessly integrated computers who want a traditional gauge as back up. Five medium pressure ports are situated on a swivelling end cap, providing neat hose routing for all configurations, including singles, twinsets and sidemount.

The Atomic B2 provides an exceptionally good breathe thanks to a number of exclusive and patented technologies. The first stage utilises a unique 'Jet Seat' which provides stunning gas flow through the first stage. The second stage uses all titanium components making it lightweight, corrosion resistant and reliable. A specially designed valve lever and high flow body ensure un-matched gas delivery for the best breathe at all depths in all conditions. The Atomic B2 Regulator is fitted with a polished stainless steel swivel for maximum comfort.

Chrome-plated brass and 316 stainless steel first stage
High-flow Jet Seat piston
Nitrox ready for up to 40%
2 HP ports, 5 LP on swivel cap
All titanium second stage construction
Seat saving orifice
Automatic Flow Control
Rapid breathing adjustment knob
Stainless steel comfort swivel
2 year / 300 dive service interval

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