Atmos Mission One

Colors: Black, White/Gold, Black/Gold, Red, Blue

ATMOS MISSION ONE Design for The Best Diving Experience
Mission One is a powerful and intelligent dive computer for scuba and free diving enthusiasts. Its advanced alarm system provides instant vibration and intuitive display notification. Equipped with GPS and digital compass make users stay oriented underwater and meanwhile upload dive site
s GPS location to ATMOSs divelog App above surface. Robust and sleek, its the most desirable dive companion to ensure professional and recreational divers the best diving experience.

4 Modes: AirNitroxFreediveGauge
Water resistance: 100m (10ATM)
Decompression algorithm: Bühlmann ZHL-16c
High-res 1.2color display (Sunlight-visible)
Easy to read screen and big layout display
Super Intutive user interface
Vibration alarm
Digital compass
Dive spot guide (surface use only)
Dive log memory: 100 logs
Graphical dive logs
Smart notification (iOS)
Digital divelog
Record dive site GPS
Firmware updatable
Rechargable : Up to 40 hours dive time (Backlight Off)
90g lightweight
Silicone strap (24mm width compatible)

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