Open Water Course

Advanced Open Water
Open Water Course
Open Water Course
Advanced Open Water
The PADI Advanced Course is not designed to make you an expert but rather to give you a taste of specialized diving whilst making your diving more fun with safety in mind.

Increase your safety by learning natural and compass navigation, experience the wonders of night diving,
as well as the thrill and effects of deep diving. These specialty activities will increase your proficiency and ability as a diver.

Course Prequisites
- Open Water Diver Certification by PADI, NAUI, SSI, BSAC or equivalent
- Junior Advanced Open Water Diver - minimum 12 years
- International Advanced Open Water Diver - 15 years & above

Course Outline
Self study on your PADI Advance Manual on these topics, and hand in the 5
completed knowledge reviews to your instructor

* Deep Diving
* Navigation Diving
* Night Diving
* Drift Diving
* Peak Performance Buoyancy

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